For Better Posture, Chronic Pain and Injury

 Create Lasting Change

 Move with Freedom and Ease

 Improve Appearance and Gain Confidence

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Alignment Therapy is a combination of structural bodywork, guided therapeutics, and postural education.

Through poor postural habits, repetitive stress and injury, our bodies develop compensation patterns that can lead to postural distortion, chronic pain and a lack of range of motion. It’s taken you a lifetime to create these patterns of misuse. It’ll take more than one session to undue.

In addition to structural bodywork, you will learn exercises and self-care techniques that encourage tone and flexibility where needed.  You will also be taught muscle re-education exercises and receive postural modifications to train the muscles to move properly.

Structural bodywork will ease pain and encourage freedom of motion, however, the magic of lasting change comes from the commitment to your exercise program and diligence in creating new postural habits.


Make the commitment to yourself and together, I can help guide, educate, and quicken your recovery process.


90 Minutes  (50-60min Bodywork/30-40min Therapeutics)      I    $130

120 Minutes  (80-90min Bodywork/30-40min Therapeutics)   I     $170



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