Foam Rolling & Mobility

                                         A combination of foam rolling and stretching techniques                                         to improve your overall flexibility and mobility.

What Is Foam Rolling?

You may own a foam roller, but are not sure what the purpose is, or how to use it.  Foam rollers are effective in soothing sore muscles, helping to prevent injuries, as well as, to recover after a workout. They aid in self-myofascial release (a.k.a. self-massage).  Foam rolling helps release tension in the muscles and the surrounding tissue known as fascia, and allows for better blood flow to the muscle. They reduce stress, can increase range of motion, and increase the recovery process for sore muscles.  Think of it as your own, personal deep tissue massage and roll your way to a happier, healthier body.
No Experience Necessary

Did i mention, the first class is free??

(Only $10 a class, after that)

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Mondays 6-7pm

Spinal Connection                                           1940 5th Ave. Suite # 302                                       San Diego, CA 92101                                             619-540-9270