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Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that can be used to improve mobility, blood flow and fascial restrictions due to trigger points, chronic muscle tightness, headaches and repetitive stress injuries.  Cups are placed on and around the affected area and a light suction is applied to each one in order to loosen and lift the connective tissue and facilitate a release in soft tissue.  It drains stagnation while increasing blood and lymph flow to the skin and muscles, providing a rush of oxygen and nutrients to the area for a quicker recovery.

 Cupping has recently gained popularity in the West by athletes competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics,  swimmer Michael Phelps, and U.S. gymnast Alex Naddoour, to name a few.  Perhaps you’ve even seen photographs of their spotted backs and limbs. Contrary to what many think, these are not bruises.  They are also not painful. The discoloration is a result of stagnant blood and toxins coming up to surface where the body can more easily flush them out of your system.  The more stagnation, the darker the color.  Most marks typically go away within 3 days to a week. Darker spots can sometimes take up to 3 weeks.

While cupping can be a beneficial treatment to decrease pain and increase muscle performance, it is most commonly used as an adjunct treatment with other myofascial release techniques and therapeutic exercise to encourage long-term relief.

20-30 Minute Session I $40

Add-On to Any Treatment I $25