Danielle Robichaud 

Having had chronic pain from poor posture, Danielle sought out many different varieties of healing modalites from massage to posture therapy.  This created a love for movement, somatics and a desire to help others out of pain.  She started her career path in therapeutic deep tissue and Thai massage after graduating from the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego in 2006 with over 1000 hours of training. Having studied yoga for over a decade, she decided to become certified in 2009 upon realizing the healing effect this exercise had, both alone, and in conjunction with massage.  Still yearning for a deeper understanding of how posture is related to pain, she continued on at The Structural Integration Institute.  She graduated in 2012 with a certification in Alignment Therapy.  

Danielle’s vast knowledge of posture and healing allows her to approach the body with a more versatile eye.  Her goal is to not only rid people of pain, but also to educate and empower them to become an active part in this process.